Cody Wall

Creative Developer

New York City

[email protected]


I've been a developer on the team since 2018.

Our team is responsible for both brand and growth initiatives.

Squarespace Blog

I led the development of Squarespace's official blog, a project intended to both inform and inspire users.

The hero animates in on landing.
Elements on the homepage parallax, fade, and translate in while scrolling.
Category filters feature varying layouts.
A blog post.
Hero variant 0
On landing, the homepage hero is randomly assigned a layout variant. Here's the first ...
Hero variant 1
... and the second ...
Hero variant 2
... and the third ...
Hero variant 3
... and the fourth ...
Hero variant 4
... and the fifth.
Category variant 1
Similarly, category filters have a randomly assigned variant.
Category variant 2
Category variant 3
Category variant 4
Category variant 5
Category variant 6
Category variant 7
Category variant 8
Category variant 9