Cody Wall

Creative Developer

New York City

[email protected]

Studio Constance

Studio Constance is a Scandinavian luxury brand.

The website is built with Next.js, Sanity, and Shopify.

Graphic design by Walk A Thought.

The logo shrinks to fit into the navigation on the homepage.
A gallery at the bottom of the homepage scrolls horizontally. The images are rendered to a canvas for performance.
The shop page loads an animating logo ...
... and features a sticky sidebar that parallaxes on scroll.
Hovering an image reveals a secondary image and the available colorways.
The project page features a fixed sidebar with an indicator revealing the next image ...
... and clicking the indicator scrolls to the next image.
The cart perfectly overlays the sidebar.
The image slowly parallaxes and fades while scrolling on the About page.
The Assistance page magnifies the navigation and places the content into the sidebar.