Cody Wall

Creative Developer

New York City

[email protected]

Manos is a concrete furniture collection made in California.

The website is built with Next.js, Contentful, and Shopify.

Graphic design by Walk A Thought.

The intro animation vertically slides illustrations of the letters spelling out “Manos” ...
... and on mobile, the letters are oriented around the screen.
The desktop navigation indicator follows the cursor, and fills on click ...
... and on mobile, the navigation overlays the content.
Hovering a product reveals available colorways, programmatically sorted by hue.
Another circle follows the colorway selection on the product display page ...
... the familiar collapsing circle selects a variant ...
... and another selects an inner navigation on the Information page.
On the Custom page, content sections are sticky and layered from the bottom-up, and the navigation transitions colors on scroll.