Cody Wall

Creative Developer

New York City

[email protected]

Branch is an industrial design studio based in San Francisco.

The website is built with Next.js and Contentful.

Graphic design by Walk A Thought.

The intro animation slides in from the left to fill the logo.
The tagline at the top of the page reveals from left to right ...
... and parallaxes and fades while scrolling.
On the homepage, hovering a project reveals the client with the tagline animation.
Hovering the footer animates the logo similar to the intro ...
... and on some pages, the footer is inverted.
Navigating through the menu triggers a page transition. Each page has a unique transition color.
Scrolling on the Studio page reveals an array of images.
On the Projects page, there are six empty states, chosen at random on landing ...
... and the project navigation is nested by client.